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Hello Valdo,

I want to share more information about the town meeting for those who did not attend.

Walter Whitcomb moderated again, and I think it’s clear that if there ever is a disaster here in Waldo, we should all go to his place, because he’ll have it all figured out! Thanks Walt!

This was my first town meeting with a small council form of government (after working for years with a council form of government). I learned a lot but I also had a lot of questions. I wonder if it is not possible to have a briefing every few years on how town meetings work and the legal procedures to follow (there you are again, Walt…).

There were good discussions at the town hall about allowances for certain elected positions. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to how we land on these numbers (which is the case for most cities like ours I think). I was happy that we reviewed the salary of the second and third people selected because they probably do the most work; their salary was increased slightly to equalize with other positions.

Another area where it would be helpful to provide more information to residents is what it entails to hold certain positions. For example, the Planning Council. There is still a need for members, but there is no discussion of what someone does on the planning board or how much time they spend on it. I was happy to see that there are younger leaders on the Planning Council.

People asked when the tax lien properties would come up for sale, and we were promised that there would be public meetings about them in the future, which would be advertised in the newspaper. I hope the dates are shared with me too to post here. Unfortunately, it’s a messy process that often (rightly) falls to the bottom of the to-do list.

Broadband status was brought up and Shirley Caler shared that the next step is a technical study and we have a grant for that.

A final reminder regarding the road meeting on April 12 at 6:00 p.m. at Waldo Town Hall.

Enjoy the nice weather over the coming week and hopefully we will have tulips in bloom soon.

Waldo town meeting. Photo by Sadie Lloyd Mudge

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