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What you see can be misleading; facts can be manipulated; the logic of one is the forbidden thought of the other, even heresy. However, when combined with an open and inquiring mind, even challenged, seemingly complex controversies can lead to truthful conclusions. Forging a deal with opposition supporters? Always futile.

Examples: 1) Brooklyn subway gunman Frank James fits into a pattern of other mass attacks, patterns useless for racing hustlers and gun thieves. On November 21, 2021, Derrell Brooks, Jr. plowed his car through the Waukesha Christmas Parade in Wisconsin, killing six people and injuring 61. On April 2, 2021, Noah Green rammed his car into a barricade at the Capitol of the United States, killing one person. , a cop, and injuring another. The media remembered them and moved on.

“Brooks, Green and James shared the same ideology: they were all black nationalists who hated white people and believed they could never be fairly shaken up in an America plagued by systemic racism and white supremacy. In other words, they were closely tied to today’s standard left-wing worldview, but their violence didn’t fit the media’s idea of ​​how you should perceive reality. (R. Spencer)

Compare it to the media/political obsession with violence that serves the anti-gun, anti-white cop narrative. A white cop kills a violent black scofflaw arrested for a traffic violation, who runs, wrestles the cop, grabs his taser – allowing the criminal (with a violent past) to subdue, or even kill, the cop – and sadly discovers that law enforcement officers will use justified lethal force in self-defense.

2) You can easily imagine the type and length of media coverage if a conservative, Trump-supporting MAGA group raised nearly $100 million from donors large and small and then enriched the leaders with multimillion-dollar mansions. dollars. Rulers bask in their newfound opulence. This is the fraud that the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, or BLM, has perpetrated under the guise of racial justice, equity, and protest. The media: Meh.

Self-proclaimed “Marxist-trained” co-founder Patrisse Cullors said the organization didn’t even try to operate as a legal entity and skipped the standard Form 990 filing with the IRS, the next step. most basic and the most transparent to prevent the appearance of fraud. and corruption. Nice trick – they got theirs.

3) “Feds apologize to violent BLM and Antifa rioters for not being nicer to them as they set fires in front of the White House” (Victoria Taft, 4/13). We have seen the violence, the factual destruction and the obvious anti-cop aggression, and the logic of clearing said Lafayette Square rioters to protect the statues and the workers responsible for repairing them, not President Trump’s march to the bottom. Saint-Jean church burnt down by rioters. Our “woke” (bullied) federal DOJ settles rioter claims and apologizes.

“Violent protesters and rioters took over Lafayette Square, broke through the perimeter of the White House, and rioted, gathered and started fires for days. An umbrella group called “Shut Down DC,” made up of far-left professional agitators including Lisa Fithian, helped orchestrate the attack to neutralize the nation’s capital.

4) Really? An “attack to incapacitate the nation’s capital” that injured dozens of police officers, caused property damage and prompted the Secret Service to move President Trump to the bunker after the White House perimeter breach. There is your attempted “insurrection”, not the dozens of rioters who burst into one side of the capital building, injured police officers and only interrupted the counting of electoral votes.

The protesters’ goal was to let states have the final say in assigning their states’ voters, almost anyone’s definition of an “insurgency”; no charges of insurrection or sedition. A judge has ruled that those – who were essentially “greeted” by the gates to walk around, record the peaceful crowd and take selfies – had committed no crime.

American justice: a crime must be proven, the suspect must be released on bail and a jury or judge renders a verdict based on facts and witnesses, and not on an assumption of guilt due to political bias, as do the Democrats with their persecution of Donald on Jan. 6. Trump associates. He offered troops to protect the capital, which Nancy Pelosi rejected; a lot of blame rests on her.

Will any Democrats be held accountable for encouraging, condoning, or even supporting the nationwide “Summer of Love” riots that killed dozens of people and inflicted billions of dollars in property destruction? Why are only Republicans, who simply spoke at Trump’s Jan. 6 rally, disqualified from running for office, while Democrats are blameless for street riots, arson and destruction? They prevented the counting of George Bush and Donald Trump voters.

5) We now have proof that the FBI framed militia members – who never met until agents rounded them up – in the bogus plot to kidnap Governor Mich Whitmer, apparently hatched in the bowels of the FBI. It’s embarrassing for the narrative of anti-government Trump-sters – a product of media illusion.

A brief filed by defense attorneys for the suspects on Jan. 6 says “20 ‘federal assets’ [were] Incorporated into the Capitol on January 6—the Oathkeepers motion seeks to dismiss charges of seditious conspiracy and obstruction” (Joseph M. Hanneman).

Perhaps you have a) seen footage of a “Ray Epps” telling protesters to attack and enter the Capitol (he has not been charged with any crime); b) examined the facts of federal entrapment and “false flag” operations; and c) used simple logic to compare the hundreds of thousands of peaceful participants in the Trump rally to local and national BLM/antifa “insurgents” and the relative handful of January 6 rioters. You will come to a truthful conclusion: the January 6 committee, with the complicity of the Department of Justice, is nothing more than a Third World, a kangaroo persecution of political opponents and an abuse of the power of Congress.

Don Polson has lived in Red Bluff since 1988. He can be reached by email at

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