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MANSEHRA: Police have asked for the public’s help in locating Dua Zahra and her husband as the couple, who married of their own free will in Lahore after escaping from Karachi, went into hiding to escape the ‘arrest.

A press release issued on Saturday by the district police and also circulated on social media with the photos of Dua Zahra and her husband, Zaheer Ahmad, said the couple were wanted by the police to appear before the High Court of Lahore or any other such body corporate in the country.

“Dua Zahra and Zaheer Ahmad got married in court after the latter said the girl was mature enough to marry. However, her father countered her claim of puberty,” the press release read.

He further stated that the police wanted to produce Zahra in court to determine her age. “If you have seen this couple or know their whereabouts, please contact police immediately,” the statement read.

The couple were assured they would not be arrested and Ms Zahra only needed to appear in court to have her age determined.

Police in Mansehra had also arrested senior lawyer Munir Hussain Lughmani the other day for allegedly harboring the couple, which the latter denied. Later, the District and Sessions Judge released him on bail until June 12, asking him to appear in the relevant court in Karachi on June 13.

Police sources said the pair were likely hiding in Mansehra as Mohammad Waseem, the duo’s lawyer, was from Balakot, and latest phone data obtained by investigators revealed their presence somewhere near Balakot in the border with Muzaffarabad (AJK).

Posted in Dawn, June 5, 2022

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