Kanye West is forcing small businesses to rethink Ye-inspired branding

Kanye West is appearing on Creative Bloq more than we ever imagined. But as long as he dips his finger in the design, that’s what we’re here for. Yeezy’s latest story is up our street as he’s taken legal action against a restaurant for overusing Kanye in their branding.

A small Australian burger joint, called College Dropout (inspired by West’s debut album), had Ye at its heart for over a year. Meanwhile, the brand included a themed logo, menu items based on song names, and Ye-inspired artwork on the walls. But West got wind of the situation, and legal representatives asked the restaurant to remove all references to Yeezy, except for the name (see below). We assume the owner will need to consult our logo design guide.

According to the post above, College Dropout (opens in a new tab) were asked to remove the crowned bear logo, make no song or album references to Ye on the menu, destroy or alter murals inspired by Ye, and no longer claim they are inspired by Ye or his music. With menu items like the Golddigger Chicken Sandwich and Cheezus Burger up for renaming, there’s plenty of work to be done.

Mark Elkhouri, aka Kanye West’s super fan, realized his restaurant was on Ye’s radar when the musician started watching College Dropout’s Instagram Stories regularly. Although initially thrilled with the news (see post below), West’s legal team moved quickly to pour cold water on her enthusiasm as she served a cease and desist letter. shortly after.

Comments on the situation range wildly from those supporting the small business owner, “well yeah, a billionaire has to worry about someone making money off of him and not getting his cut”, to those who support West. “If you act surprised, you really shouldn’t be,” one fan said.

“You used his mascot image, which was created by Sam Hansen,” they continued. “You used images of Takashi Murakami’s mascot bear. The restaurant is named after his debut album, you reference his other work titles in displays, and you have his image/likeness on display throughout the seal. “

Regardless, Elkhouri accepted the news with grace and humor, immediately removing references to West from the social media account, including adding an “insert logo here” graphic in the middle of the bear logo. College Dropout’s Instagram image is currently a black square, and posts are asking followers to help rename menu items.

Given that this is the second Kanye/burger-related story we’ve published in as many months, we wonder if West felt threatened by the association with College Dropout due to actual collaboration plans with one of the big fast food chains (see his Muji x McDonald’s packaging concept here), or the fact that he apparently owns several Burger King restaurants in Europe (true story).

Whatever West’s reasons for being tough on the burger spot, we bet they’re not sad about the huge publicity they’ve gotten from this issue. They have vowed to stay “inspired and supported by Ye (but not publicly)” and are actually using their notoriety for good by offering to promote local businesses when their views on history are so high. We can’t wait to see what the new logo will be.

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