ITWireTV Interview: Nicholas Stewart, Expert at Dowson Turco Lawyers, Explains Why Business and IT Need Legal Advice

GUEST INTERVIEW: Just as security is now built into products, services and businesses from the ground up, there are important legal issues to consider when starting a business, hiring staff as well. , data processing, intellectual property, working from home, data breaches, staff leaving and more, as lawyer Nicholas Stewart explains.

Lawyers Dowson Turco. Based in the Sydney suburb of Newtown, NSW, Dowson Turco not only supports the LGBTI community, but is also a company of experienced and problem-solving practitioners serving all of its communities.

As you might expect, the team includes highly skilled attorneys practicing in all states and territories in real estate, commercial and litigation law, criminal law, family law, estates and probate.

The Dowson Turco team is led by Stacey Dowson, Mary Turco and Nicholas Stewart.

Nicholas leads the criminal and commercial law teams at Dowson Turco and handles a variety of issues including cybercrime, serious corporate and personal crime, and commercial litigation.

Thus, Nicholas is well versed in legal matters concerning the worlds of IT, technology and business, and he joined iTWireTV to explain why legal advice for modern businesses in a whole range of fields, including the reality of working from home in which so many of us have been immersed.

Here is my full video interview with Nicholas, after which is a great example he provided of why one of his clients needed Dowson Turco legal services, followed by a summary of the topics we talked about. – please watch and keep reading!

Nicholas gave the example of a client who is a family support service in the NSW area. The client contacted Dowson Turco Lawyers after a data breach came either from the client’s email system or from his accountants’ email system. The customer was unable to determine the exact source of the violation.

However, it was possible to determine that the hackers gained access to the client’s file system and database with potential access to the tax file numbers, financial information, and medical information of the client’s clients.

The organization contacted Nicholas as they were unsure if this was a reportable violation and what action to take.

Nicholas and his team provided urgent legal advice on the organization’s reporting requirements and contacted the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) ​​on his behalf!

Dowson Turco recommended an IT investigation company to help investigate the breach and spoke to IDCare about ongoing security support for the client’s employees. Dowson Turco also helped draft communications to those affected.

No penalties were issued and the client was grateful to Dowson Turco for his problem solving and handling a very stressful situation, which could also have been costly.

Dowson Turco also participated in the review of the customer notification letter sent to all of its customers and employees potentially affected by the violation.

The client worked with their IT support and CATO to contact all affected parties and resolve the issue in accordance with CATO guidelines.

The work was carried out urgently over a period of 2 days. The client was extremely grateful as he did not know how to approach the problem and, being in a rural town, had no local expertise. With the help of Dowson Turco, the customer was able to comply with all the requirements and successfully resolve the issue with the CATO.

This is just one of many examples that Dowson Turco has helped businesses with, so when in doubt seek legal advice!

Here’s a recap of what we talked with Nicholas Stewart:

  • I started by introducing Nicholas and asked him to tell us about Dowson Turco Lawyers and the areas of law in which he specializes.
  • We then moved on to services for tech companies, tech workers, and the IT industry, especially in the COVID age where many of us work from home.
  • Nicholas explained some of the legal issues arising from lockdown, privacy and conduct in the workplace, which even include the types of equipment a workplace should guarantee its workers, such as ergonomic chairs or computer equipment powerful enough to enable workers to do so. work.
  • I inquired about the geographic areas where Dowson Turco Lawyers represents clients, across Australia and internationally.
  • We discussed where to find reliable legal resources online, as well as when individuals and businesses should contact Dowson Turco, and Nicholas shared some of the other things workers and employers should know that I don’t know. had not asked.
  • Nicholas shared his memories of his first computer, the first legal incident he worked on involving technology, how we think the laws in this area will evolve over the next few years, the great advice he received in life. and its final message to viewers and readers, and to its current and future customers and partners.

So, please watch the video interview above, and if you need any legal advice, be sure to seek it out, as there are many areas discussed where it is vitally important to do so. .


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