wins $71,092.22 bid in compromise for $100.00 settlement saving taxpayers $70,992.22

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IRS Federal Tax Lien Notice to Release and Remove Over 150 pages of forms and documents were provided to the IRS during this case and it took 12 months

This one is a particularly sweet victory for us because of the good man we were able to help.

—Randy Martin

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, February 25, 2022 / – So many hard-working Americans have struggled over the past two years. The mad economy sawed a lot with the whip. We struggle to keep up and, as often happens after long hours and busy work schedules, we look up and we’ve missed something. The IRS payment can be put on hold for a while, but when the IRS begins enforcement action, it quickly becomes an emergency.

This is what happened to a customer of He kept his nose to the grindstone by working hard six days a week to support his wife and children. Until one day they received the letters in the mail informing them that the IRS was taking action. A notice of federal tax lien from the IRS has been filed and notices of levy have been received.

At the request of his wife, he came to see us on She even set him the date. immediately went to work to protect the couple from IRS enforcement action and started the IRS Offer in Compromise. Over 150 pages of forms and documents were provided to the IRS during this process and it took 12 months from start to finish.

ACCEPTANCE of’s offer was accepted this week. This one is a particularly sweet win for us because of what a good man we were able to help. knows this will have an extremely positive impact on him, his family and their future.

Not everyone who owes taxes can qualify for an Offer in Compromise to save them $70,9092.22 in taxes. talks to people about these details daily. However, when they do; the result is life changing.

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