Do you live in Idaho? Have you received a letter regarding unpaid taxes? Make Sure It’s Not a Scam, Warn Officials

The Idaho State Tax Commission and Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden are warning the public of a taxpayer-targeting scam that aims to intimidate and steal money from residents, according to a Press release.

Taxpayers reported receiving threatening letters from the “Tax Processing Center” or “Tax Processing Unit” claiming that the state will seize the recipient’s property and seize their wages for unpaid taxes. The letters are designed to look like official government notices and include fake deposit numbers, according to the statement.

A representative from Idaho AG’s Consumer Protection Division contacted the agency and spoke to a man who said he was with “Lien Recovery” and a lien had been filed for unpaid taxes. , according to the press release. The man asked if the letter was sent to a person or a company and if it was “state or federal”. The representative told the man that the letter had come to him personally. When asked the name of his company, the man hung up.

“Real government agencies don’t hide who they are or hang up on you when questioned,” Wasden said. “If you are unsure whether a government notice you have received is legitimate, please do not hesitate to contact my Consumer Protection Division for assistance.”

To avoid scams like this, follow these tips:

  • Review reviews for errors, misspellings, and incorrect information. Scammers often impersonate government agencies.
  • Online wanted notice. Someone else may have identified this scam and posted information online from other parts of the country, or other states and media outlets may have posted alerts. Find all identified contact information like phone numbers, addresses, and names.
  • Contact the government agency directly. Do not call the phone numbers provided in suspicious reviews. To verify a review, find the contact of the actual agency and call with your questions.
  • Never pay debts with gift cards, reloadable debit cards or wire transfer services. Government agencies will never ask you to pay by these methods.

AG’s Consumer Protection Division can be contacted at (800) 432-3545, (208) 334-2424 or through AG’s online contact form. To contact the State Tax Commission, call (208) 332-4060 or submit a fraud recommendation online through the Commission’s TAP webpage.

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