Ask Bungalower: Has M Lounge closed?

“Did you see that Salon M is closed and has a tax lien notice on its door?”


For some context, according to a 2018 report by Laura Kinsler of GrowthSpotter, Timothy Majors, the Australian businessman behind the development, was embroiled in a tenant fraud case with California-based company Griffin Capital for allegedly falsifying tenants’ leases in order to sell some of his properties.

Portland’s insurance company Standard Insurance Co. filed a lawsuit against a company linked to Majors in 2021, claiming Majors defaulted on a loan, saying it owed $7 million, according to a report by Jack Witthauswho was with Orlando Business Journal at the time.

Notices have been taped to the windows of Major’s Ivanhoe Village properties for the past few months and activity ceased at the venues earlier in the year as none of the M Lounge or M Bar social platforms went down. updated since New Years Eve. A reader recently told us that they had planned to hold an event there, but were forced to look elsewhere as early as last fall.

“We had planned to have a wedding rehearsal dinner there in January. The downstairs was closed to renovate the bar. They said they were doing renovations to make sure it was up to code and that it would be open again in mid-November. This turned into December, then January, they had signs on the door saying they weren’t open :(“

– @mondonea

But another reader who lived nearby contacted earlier this week to say he had seen recent activity in the building.

“I know a little about the M Lounge since I live in the street. No business there for about six weeks. The cars leave and the panels are dismantled.

– @weezel514

The saloon and collection of cars in the building were reportedly seized by one of the lenders who then negotiated the sale and handover of some of the vehicles to private investors. We spoke with a local real estate agent, who wished to remain anonymous, who told us that he and an associate purchased some of the cars in the building and said the following.

“I assume from my limited knowledge of his business that he plans to continue with his real estate projects once his cash flow problem is resolved. I don’t know if this location will remain under his control as he has yet to accept any sales as the lockdown has not taken place. I doubt, however, that we will see the living room resurrected.


We spoke with a former bartender who also wished to remain anonymous. He told us that bar management informed the staff that they would all be taking a temporary break just four days after the sold out New Years Eve celebrations took place at the venue and shared the following. .

“We were talking about a sale to the people of Parliament, but nothing had really happened with that. Four days after the New Year’s Eve [the management] said they were closing for maintenance and would reopen soon, but as of a few months later they remained closed due to tax issues. They treated the bar as a last priority, and [the property] was really just their offices with a fun place attached. I think they are still trying to sell it.


Former Winter Springs Mayor Paul Partyka is representing Majors in the sale of his Ivanhoe properties and told Bungalower that not everything is as bad as it seems and sometimes no news is good news. .

“The M lounge, as we know it, is closed. My client was in too much debt with too many properties when COVID hit and it really set him back. He was trying to open a second M Bar in Daytona and the pandemic made him overwhelmed. I worked with him to put the main properties up there for sale and we sold the law firm last year. We have refinanced the properties and are recruiting new tenants for the main building and upstairs at this time. Once we have new tenants in place we will put the properties back up for sale, but he may still be involved with the first floor space in some way, but we are still working on the paperwork.


Although Partyka could not say who the new tenants were at this stage, he said they were looking to keep the rooftop bar and add a private club on the second floor and none of the tenants were affiliated with the Parliament. The entire property will be turned into an events center in the near future, and Partyka said he expects everything to be finalized and open by St. Patrick’s Day, so we’ll have to wait and to see.

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