As New York City Revisits Drink-to-Go, Liquor Stores Brace for Battle

He’s also been a reliable donor to elected officials, though he’s far from one of the wealthiest interests on Capitol Hill.

The Political Action Committee, or PAC, controlled by the Metropolitan Package Store Association, has given more than $140,000 to elected officials since last year, mostly Democratic lawmakers, who control the Legislative Assembly. During the same period, two PACs associated with the restaurant industry donated just over $20,000.

Indeed, over the past two decades, the Metropolitan Package Store Association has established “long-standing relationshipson Capitol Hill thanks to a steady stream of political contributions. This has included nearly $200,000 to Mr. Cuomo; $14,500 to Carl E. Heastie, Assembly Speaker; and $31,100 to Michael Gianaris, the Deputy Senate Majority Leader, whom the association honored at its 87th annual dinner last October.

Mr Gianaris, who has also received contributions from the restaurant industry, said he supported the codification of takeaway cocktails and the search for a resolution “which hopefully will not harm other small companies”. He added that last year’s legislation “was one of those things that when you get towards the end of the session, the clock is ticking.”

The PAC also gave Ms. Hochul $25,000 in October, before she voted in favor of take-out cocktails.

The liquor store industry did not initially object to take-out beverages; although industry lobbyists say some stores have suffered, overall sales have inflated in 2020, and stores saw the measure as an acceptable, albeit temporary, reprieve for struggling restaurants and bars that had been forced to close to customers during the pandemic.

But they seemed increasingly irritated by bars and restaurants selling full bottles of wine and spirits, effectively operating as makeshift liquor stores, which must go through a rigorous process to obtain a license to sell liquor. the alcohol.

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