A police officer testifies to having seen a person “tall and thin” flee from the crime scene of a quadruple homicide of the PS


Tuesday was another long day in court for the jury and defendant Jose Larin-Garcia, the man who prosecutors say killed four victims on February 3, 2019.

The prosecution called two police officers to the stand.

One of them says that on the night of the murders, he saw a tall, slender figure, dressed in dark clothes, running and limping near the crime scene. He says he called just before midnight, but the individual was never found.

In court, the same policeman said he would not describe Larin-Garcia as “tall and thin”. Others in court described Larin-Garcia as “heavy”.

Another Palm Springs Police Detective spoke up and recalled arriving on Sunny Dunes Rd. That night to find a green Toyota Corolla crashed with three victims shot dead in the interior. He says victim Yuliana Garcia was driving. She had no pulse when he checked.

The fourth victim was found a few blocks away on Canon Dr.

This detective says Larin-Garcia was taken to the Desert Regional Medical Center. However, he was not in custody at the time. Hospital staff told him Larin-Garcia had a blood alcohol level of 0.16, double the legal limit for driving.

He remembers seeing a video of Larin-Garcia running away from the hospital that night.

A family friend of Larin-Garcia also spoke and said the accused came to his home dressed in hospital clothes early in the morning of February 4, 2019. He said he helped Larin-Garcia buy one Greyhound bus ticket from Indio to Florida.

Prosecutors say he was arrested before he could leave.


Week two began in the Palm Springs quadruple homicide trial. Jose Larin-Garcia, a man from Cathedral City, is accused of killing four people (aged 17 to 25): Carlos Campos, Jacob Montgomery, Yuliana Garcia and Juan Duarte Raya.

The victims were all found shot dead on the night of February 3, 2019.

Three of the victims were found inside a car that crashed into Sunny Dunes and El Placer roads. The fourth victim was found in the street a few blocks away.

On Monday of this week, the court heard from several witnesses including a neighbor, a police inspector and a former friend of the accused. The friend shared that Larin-Garcia had said he wanted to rob one of the victims before the murders.


Last week, on Monday, the prosecution made its opening statement. The defense made its opening statement on Tuesday, claiming that another man, John Olvera, is responsible for the four deaths.

Last week, several witnesses were called to the stand, including a dispatch supervisor from the Palm Springs Police Department, several neighbors who heard gunshots or saw the bodies of the victims, and people who personally knew the victims. The court also heard that the 17-year-old victim, Yuliana Garcia, was pregnant at the time of her death.

Madison Weil of News Channel 3 is in court listening to witnesses. Although our cameras are not allowed inside the courtroom, you can watch a live report detailing the court proceedings at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on News Channel 3.

You can also follow Madison’s live updates from the courtroom. on Twitter.

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