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The financial group Gandalf is a financial institution that puts itself at the service of those who live in the Principality of Andorra ; making your financial offers are tailored to customers, to meet all your needs. So, with this in mind, the financial is based on 10 principles to be able to remain a reliable financial institution.

Among the points that the group has as its statutes we find the following: it commits itself to be a bank with a solid position before its clients, and it is thanks to this that it has obtained its recognition worldwide as a reliable financial institution. In addition to this, it is committed to having a team of professionals who guarantee that the money of their clients will be in the best possible hands, guaranteed also thanks to the fact that there are first class collaborators.

Personal loans of Gandalf Online

In order to meet the needs of its customers, this institution is committed to having maximum availability in order to be able to meet the needs of its customers. In conjunction with this we have a networking network in which your customers can share experiences and meet people who can help them realize their dreams.

Let’s see the different products offered to its customers in order to finance their dreams.

Fast Loan

This loan is intended to meet the unforeseen needs of the client to settle any payment; so that, if you do not have cash at any time, you have the possibility to request the money required to make the payment; the main advantage? The loan can be processed from practically any of the businesses in which we buy. That is to say that when we get to the cashier we can ask the cashier to process the credit request, request that will be confirmed in a maximum of 15 minutes, and cash will be available in that same place.

Student Loan

Another option that makes available to its customers is to finance the education of the youngest. Being focused on young people, the conditions of this loan are quite simple, because they adapt to the possibilities of those who are just beginning their working life.

Car Loan

These two types of loans are focused on financing a new or used vehicle ; the first loan is applicable in cases where an internal combustion engine vehicle is wanted, while the second loan is focused on supporting government incentives for the population to purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle, provided it is plug-in.

Although the conditions are similar, the procedures to apply for each of these two credits is different, and we will analyze it later.

Préstec Regenerates

In order to be able to support those who want to carry out reforms in real estate, Prestec Regenera is at your disposal, a financing that was born to be able to support the projects of buildings that wish to comply with the requirements of sustainability in order to reduce energy consumption and its environmental impact. So, if you have a green building project in mind, this is the best option.

Gandalf mortgages

This bank knows that one of the biggest dreams that one of its clients can have, is to make their own home, that is why they have created one of the best options in mortgages. This loan has the purpose of being able to finance part of the total price of the dwelling in question.

Although it is important to consider that acquiring a home does not only imply the cost of construction, but it is necessary to plan the expenses derived from the acquisition, expenses such as notary costs, appraisal, etc. But in order to make this experience more pleasant for customers, the bank offers all the support necessary to fulfill the dream, without having to go through unpleasant experiences.

Advantages of Gandalf’s credits

The main advantages offered by Gandalf loans are that they are loans that can be accessed quickly, but also securely; But let’s analyze the advantages of each of the financing mentioned above.

Requirements to apply for a credit

Now let’s talk about one of the most important points for many of the clients, and this point has reference to the requirements that the applicant has to fulfill in order to be able to have the requested credit approved.

For the credit rapid it is only required to be a client of the bank, since it is thanks to the information of our account that the bank will be able to carry out the analysis to be able to grant the loan. If you are a client, we only have to approach the cashier and ask for the financing, this will be responsible for filling out the application and completing the procedure to apply for financing.

In the case of the credit study, the main requirement is to be able to verify that it is being studied or that we have registered with an educational institution. These documents are extremely important because based on them is whether or not to accept the amount requested.

Regarding loans for financial vehicles, regardless of whether it is a combustion engine vehicle or a hybrid vehicle, it is important to consider having the budget that is offered to us; besides that the vehicle must not be a vehicle with more than 3 years old; It is also important to mention that you can not finance the entire vehicle, but you must have a personal investment for this purpose.

As for the prestec regenera we will have to have a capital equivalent to at least 20% of the total investment; and to be able to verify this, it is of the utmost importance that we have a budget in which the investment that will be made is projected to make the dream of that construction a reality.

Loan application method

To be able to request the loans it is necessary that some procedures are carried out that vary depending on the type of loan, let’s see how to request each one of the mentioned loans.

For the credit rapid only it is necessary that we indicate to the cashier of the store in which we are, that we want this financing, there he will be the person in charge of carrying out the procedure and filling out the corresponding papers.

In order to apply for the rest of the financing, including the mortgage, it is necessary that we attend the bank’s offices in order to fill out the necessary forms, as well as deliver the necessary documents for each of the financing destinations.

Thanks to the focus on customer service that the bank offers, each of the cases will be analyzed individually and the client will be provided with the necessary support to carry out the process.

Loan repayment

The deadlines to return the amounts financed vary depending on the type of financing; As for personal loans, the most common is that a settlement period of maximum 4 years is granted, although it must be considered that in the case of student credit, the option of postponing the start of the loan payment by 1 year is granted. Only applicable if the graduate does not enter the labor market immediately.

As for the credits that are granted to be able to acquire or reform buildings, a term of up to 20 years is granted in order to be able to liquidate the total amount of the financing.

It is very important to have this term in mind when planning our personal finances. If we are careful with this cash flow planning it will be much easier for us to settle the debt in a timely manner without any difficulty in our daily lives. It is also important to consider that in case we have any doubt about how the credit will behave over time we can request the support of the advisor, who will gladly provide us with the necessary guidance to make a correct decision regarding our financings. .

For each of our cases it is important to request information from the advisor, about whether it is possible to pay capital without any penalty, if possible it is advisable that the debt be settled as soon as possible, as this way we will avoid an expense in the interest rate.

Extending and postponements

It should be mentioned that the only financing that considers an extension period is the Estudis loan, which is extended for one year, granted to graduates who do not enter the labor market immediately.

For the rest of the types of financing, in case of requiring an extension to be able to pay the amount, it is necessary to talk to the financial advisor, who will provide us with the necessary guidance on the possible options to which we can access, in addition to guide us about the negative or positive consequences of this extension.

In one of the possibilities we can find ourselves with only the interests on a monthly basis, so that we will liquidate the credit at the moment in which we have enough cash to be able to liquidate the rest of our debt.


In conclusion, we can mention that the Gandalf options offered to its clients are quite good and were created in order to meet the needs of their customers, due to this it is possible that some issues related to the conditions of the loans are negotiated at the time we are making the request.

Thanks to this we trust that the conditions that are granted to approve the financing are beneficial for both parties, and thanks to this we will be able to fulfill our goals in a simple way; but it is important that we also carry out personal planning so that we can enjoy healthy personal and family finances.