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Malfoy is known in the world of mini-credit portals for offering great advantages to people who choose them to ask for the money they need in a momentary way thanks to being a search engine for companies that offer exceptional quick loans.

There are many ways to get the money that some people need quickly to cover unforeseen expenses, trips we want to make for a long time, gifts or whims, etc.

There is a great competition within the pages dedicated to mini-credits , that is why all seek to have the best options and conditions. In the case of Malfoy, these factors are the things most appreciated by the population that visits the Malfoy website, since they can find a quick solution to the situations they want to solve.

What is Malfoy

Headquartered in Switzerland, Malfoy is a registered trademark that does not act on the request of the mini-credits or on the lenders. Obviously just by requesting a mini credit with Malfoy will not be approved, but you will always have more possibilities than with a financial institution thanks to its conditions and waiting periods, both for the resolution of the application and for the return of the loan.

Malfoy, thanks to private capital, has formed a company with the objective of granting an unlimited number of fast credits thanks to its role as mediator. These are small amounts, making them very useful credits and appreciated by those who decide to request them.

If we visit your website, , we will realize that we will find opinions from users who have already made use of the quick loans offered by this page. We will also access the money that we can request, ranging from 50 euros to 750 euros to be able to return between 1 day and 30 days.

Malfoy tries to solve in a fast and efficient way, whatever our situation, with what is known as “fast loans” putting in contact people who need money with companies that offer it. Being legal and, through an automatic system, it gets that the documentary steps necessary to get that mini-credit does not take so long to be confirmed and can be used.

What makes Malfoy different

If we had to do a ranking among all the web pages dedicated to the realization of financial activities, in this case the loans, Malfoy is one of the most visited pages by the population in search of this type of credit exploring solutions.

But something that makes Malfoy definitely different from other websites or companies is that all their procedures, whether they are requests or resolutions of doubts, are made through the Internet. There is no phone number or physical location to which you can go.

Does this make Malfoy less reliable compared to another company that does? It will depend on the person, but objectively, it is a commercial company that seeks to lower costs in exchange for giving a less personal treatment to its users.

Another big difference of this page versus another one is that, not only allows us to be known as quick loans, but also personal loans and car pawning , which allows us to choose one type or another according to our needs and, based on that, we will get some or other conditions.

Finally, we must also take into account that Malfoy, unlike other pages that work with a single monetary capital, here according to the loan that we need, the money will be received from one company or another.

Advantages of choosing Malfoy

When it comes to putting advantages and creating conditions for users of Malfoy, this company offers some that we can find desirable when it comes to getting a loan that solves what we need:

  • The availability of an automatic system, allows the great advantage that the procedures are fast and do not need as much paperwork as in a usual financial institution.
  • It is a kind of “seeker” of companies willing to lend certain amounts of money, Malfoy being the mediating and selecting company of the companies according to the loan that we need.
  • Our request, which can only be made through the Internet, will be confirmed to us via SMS without having to receive any type of call to confirm it, since in this case we must bear in mind that we do not have a Malfoy phone.
  • According to the company that lends us the money, the average of days to return our minicréditos range between one day and 30 days.

The main features of Malfoy

Malfoy is your best solution if you are looking for a web page where you can access a loan from which you can make a way to solve a momentary situation in our lives. Here your application will not need a lot of paperwork to be taken into account nor a long wait thanks to its automatic system.

The most important thing about Malfoy is that, thanks to its ability to mediate between many companies and users of the website, the interests and conditions are only information until it becomes a reality while we confirm our contract with the company that we choose

Finally, we must bear in mind that another feature that is very appreciated by Malfoy users is the amount of paperwork required to start the application process. Your automatic system only requires us to fill out the application online with our identification document, a mobile phone and a checking account.

It is safe to ask for a quick loan in Malfoy

We can not forget that Malfoy is a web page dedicated to connecting users with financial needs to companies that are dedicated to fast loans .

Is it safe to leave our data on your website making a request for a credit?

Yes, although at the beginning the Internet and all its pages always give us a little bit of reparation, Malfoy is under advanced SSL encryption, having all your information protected under the professionalism of Comodo Internet Secure.

Malfoy requirements

Malfoy, being a search engine for companies dedicated to loans especially fast, does not require requirements beyond the basic to be able to make the request in conditions and to be well registered and registered to begin the search for those companies that have requirements that resemble what we need.

According to the company with which, finally, we decide to sign the contract of our loan when we meet the requirements, advantages and disadvantages that this company demands or asks us or puts in our favor.

If we look only at Malfoy, we just need to fill out the online application form along with our personal information, a phone number and our bank account number. Surely they ask us to scan some kind of proof that that bank account belongs to us.

Interest rates in Malfoy

Although Malfoy is a website of mediation between the users of its website and online companies dedicated to quick loans , as it could happen in other cases, Malfoy does not ask for any interest or fees to carry out such management.

That is to say, in the case of using Malfoy, we can be sure and calm that the loan that we request with a particular company will not raise your return interest beyond what we have signed with that company, no matter how much we have done the management through the Malfoy mediator.

The interests of the fast loans will depend on the companies with which we sign our loans and the type of these, that is, the rates are imposed by the companies themselves and not by Malfoy.

You can ask for a loan with Fern in Malfoy

As when talking about interest rates, in the case that we appear in the list of Fern, the list created to be a record of those people who have monetary debts, so if we are in this situation is a bit more delicate.

We will find companies that will not care and bet for us and us in the same way, and many others that do not. That is why at Malfoy we can find both types of companies and compare with which of them we can achieve our goal more quickly.

Mobile application and customer service at Malfoy

In the case of Malfoy, everything is done online: from the request for the registration in your database to the resolution of any type of doubts that we have. They do not have any type of mobile application for users nor any telephone number to which the people who visit their website can call.

This decision is due to its mediating role between the mini-credit applicant population and online companies that provide private capital. It is a way to lower costs and thus, not having to implement any additional interest or rate.

Types of loans in Malfoy

In Malfoy we can find three types of loans to get a company that meets our needs thanks to its search engine capabilities. In Malfoy we have the most used and most sought after option by the population: quick loans.

These quick loans can be from 50 euros to 750 euros, to be repaid in a maximum of 30 days , as parameters for the search of companies dedicated to this type of loans. Among all these companies we can choose the one that best suits us for their interests and conditions.

On the other hand, they are working on personal loans and car loans , both following the same process as fast loans but with other types of prices, companies, rates, etc.

The important thing about these three types of loans is that, Malfoy, follows the same automatic search mechanism for all three: it presents all those online companies known to offer this type of service and that may interest us, and it will be our decision to decide with which of them we sign a contract or if we do not want to sign a contract with any of them.

How to apply for Malfoy quick credits

As we have already mentioned, Malfoy does not offer loans in itself, but rather facilitates the way we find the best company that fits our needs to get a loan that suits us.

What Malfoy does need to start the process is that we register on his website through his online application, where we will have to put our personal information: name, surname, phone number, a bank account, etc.

In addition to filling out the basic application, we will also be asked to send a document that will be sent to our mobile phone, showing that the bank account we have presented is listed as the account holder.

According to the schedule to which we apply for the loan and finish the whole process, the money will be paid, that is: if our application is approved by the company before 3:00 p.m. (Spanish time), the money will be transferred to our account before 10 minutes.

While, if we do after that time, we will have to wait for the next day or, if we do it during the weekend, until the following Monday we will not be able to have that money, so these are aspects that we will have to take into account at the time of making the request and start the whole process at Malfoy.

How to return credits from Malfoy

We do not have to refund Malfoy any type of credit, that is, since it is a search engine and a link between users and financial companies with private capital, we do not have to return any type of credit.

To the company with which we sign the contract for our quick credit with the conditions and interest rates that we have reached, and it is to this company that we will have to return our mini-credit before the end of the term or warning, if we are not going to be able to finish paying it, so that the company takes it into account and takes the appropriate measures.

The average number of days to return our loan quickly can be up to 30 days in many companies, in addition, we have to take into account that depending on whether it is our first loan or not, the interest that we will have to pay will be different and will be added to the terms of our credit.

Extensions and postponements

As we have mentioned in several previous sections, Malfoy, since it is a search engine, does not offer any extensions or deferrals for the credits that we request from other companies. It only serves to inform us of the steps we can take if we are in a situation in which we need either of the two options.

The first thing we must do is notify the company with which we have the credit of our situation and, this will be the one that will inform us if we will have to assume some kind of rate for the “postponement”, which can range between 10 euros and 50 euros. Notifying us at the same time of how many days we will have to be able to pay this loan.

Always remember that Malfoy does not charge anything for your search service, so if you delay in your payments of your loan, you will not apply any kind of rate or rate, since that corresponds to the company with which we have signed the contract of our credit.

Malfoy reviews

Malfoy has become the best search engine for companies willing to offer fast loans online on hand to anyone who needs to find a solution for a momentary situation.

We can even know options that we did not know and that can serve as a balm without having to get drowned at the end of the month, use deferrals, leave loans without paying behind our backs, etc.

Many companies, and increasingly, are interested in appearing in this type of search engine because they open the door to be more known by the population, solve problems that are of a temporary nature, make trips or gifts that have always been wanted, etc. , and offer their services in a serious way and without hidden tricks or fees.

Malfoy offers a perfect window for its users to manage, with a single web page, a large number of companies that can offer a large number of solutions to what they are looking for without the need for our computer or mobile phone to become crazy of pop-up windows.

So if you are determined to ask for a quick loan but you have reasonable doubts about which page to do it, Malfoy is your best ally: put the parameters of the credit you need, register your application and Malfoy will do everything else, although the last decision always the you will take


Malfoy is one of the best known platforms for giving quick credits. Through the platform you can get up to 750 euros that you can have in your possession for up to 30 days.

However, remember that Malfoy is not a platform that will give you the money as such, but it acts between two companies looking for ways of financing for the clients that come to them. This tells us that it is a completely legal and loyal company with its clients, since they will always look for the best option for companies or people that request this type of credit. Thanks to Malfoy, you can get an intermediary company without this implying additional fees or you have to apply to several companies.

When you are going to apply for the Malfoy company, there are many affiliates to the Malfoy company and among all the lenders of the company, they will decide whether or not it is a good option for the platform

Other Malfoy things you should keep in mind are:

  1. Malfoy is part of a society traficc control SA in Geneva
  2. It is a company that has all its activities at the national level
  3. Since its creation, Malfoy has already been able to grant more than 528,000 quick credits with a total of 285 million euros.
  4. The type of acceptance of the loans is 94.85%

As you can see, it is one of the best options in companies, since it is the company that connects you with other companies and in this way you do not have to find the one that is most suitable for you.

Most of these types of loans are given to customers with extreme speed, which makes this one of their best known and best advantages.

This means that we can deal with any type of unexpected bills without having to despair and also, within a period of just a few hours.

All fees must be completely flexible and the terms are fully adapted to you and not you to them.

Regarding the disadvantages, although it does have some, they are not serious and, given the advantages they give, they are hardly taken into account. some entities offer a higher interest to customers than traditional banks and it is always advisable to read the fine print, especially when it is the first time that a company of this type is accessed.

Malfoy is a company that has been in the market for years and has an endless number of clients who have obtained loans with the entity if no problem. Keep in mind that the company has an official page of total transparency, since it is not the one that grants the credits, but it works as an intermediary page .