How Legal Factors Affect Businesses

Going forward with a business is a great career choice. But to start and run a business and keep it running smoothly, it takes more than efficiency and management skills. There are many external factors that can either help the business grow or ultimately ruin it. One of these important factors is the laws that […]

Blame and Deflection: Our New National Entertainment Fails

Our politics once felt like a big and relentless blame game, and our fingers are tired of pointing fingers at everything. From Kabul to Covid, the scripts are pretty much the same. Liberals blame Conservatives, Republicans blame Democrats, Biden World blames Trump World, and the guys on Twitter undermine anyone who doesn’t like them. And […]

Life after proclaiming Trump’s re-election as divinely ordained

Beyond the spiritual test of unfulfilled prophecies, there are very earthly issues here: Under Mr. Strang’s leadership, Charisma has grown from a church magazine to a multi-faceted institution with a multitude of best- New York Times sellers, millions of podcast downloads and one foot remaining in print, with a circulation of 75,000 copies for its […]

Sunmount at the center of due process controversy | New

TUPPER LAKE – The controversial actions of the State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, reported in the Albany Times Union last week, led the OPWDD to restore due process rights to a few selected parents of ‘children with intellectual disabilities. Last week, The Times Union exposed a loophole in state law that allowed the […]

UPDATE: Another look at a planned single-source contract for Las Cruces area animal adoption services

Comment: Dona Aña County has cautiously abandoned their single source agreement with Kelly Barker. (See the Sunday columns April 11 and May 30, 2021.) Currently, Barker is still soliciting donations for his “nonprofit organization,” Uncaged Paws, but allegedly uses his funds for other purposes. Former business partner Kathy Tarochione says she saw through Kelly. She […]

Shell signs deal to sell Permian stake for $ 9.5 billion to ConocoPhillips

HOUSTON, September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Shell Enterprises LLC, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, has entered into an agreement to sell its Permian business to ConocoPhillips, a major shale developer in the basin, to $ 9.5 billion in liquid. The transaction will transfer all of Shell’s interests in the Permian to […]

Hiscox does not have to cover legal costs in the event of a dismissal

A company that faced significant legal fees resulting from an ultimately dismissed whistleblower lawsuit does not have coverage under its Hiscox Insurance Co. directors and officers liability policy, a company said on Friday. federal appeals court by upholding a lower court decision. Springstone Inc., based in Louisville, Ky., Which provides behavioral health services at several […]

State attorneys general threaten to sue Biden for vaccination warrant

Following President Biden’s speech to the nation on September 9 when he put in place emergency vaccination warrants requiring all private employees of companies over 100 people to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or tested weekly, states have pledged to protest the temporary emergency standard. (ETS). On September 16, 24 mainly Republican attorneys general wrote a […]

Farmington local sales tax revenue remains up for 2021

FARMINGTON – Since the start of the year, revenues from Farmington’s local and state sales tax rates continue to increase compared to the same period in 2020. The Mayor of Farmington, Penn, said most of the regional media focus on increasing the incomes of the four major cities in Washington and Benton counties. Small towns […]

Time is up for Belinda Hutchinson

In recent months, campaigns by RMIT and Newcastle University staff have driven out the chancellors who have presided over the gambling and mining companies respectively. In both cases, staff, with support from NTEU, argued that corporate leadership in these exploitative and harmful industries was contrary to the “values” of their universities. The departures of Ziggy […]