Loan in record time of € 300

Gandalf is a company that provides quick mini-credits , which can be for up to 300 euros. Gandalf is characterized by having the easiest way to overcome the wait for money until your next day of collection.

It is a company that is characterized by its speed to solve both loan applications and the completion of the transfer, to give you a helping hand at times when you need it most.

The objective of the company is always to be a support for you and do it not in any way, but in the most comfortable way for you without having to leave your home, or queue at the bank, or wait a long time to get an answer or to see reflected the transfer in your bank account, in the safest way since it is a very serious company and committed to your welfare and safety, in the fastest way since in just a few minutes or a matter of brief hours You may already be making use and disposition of the amount you have requested and in the simplest way, this is because the process is extremely easy and can be carried out by filling in a very short form and waiting for it to be approved. the application for your loan.

This company offers support to deal with unexpected expenses of any kind. You can request the credit for the immediate expense you need, which can be from the payment of bills, the works or arrangements of the house, the purchase of new furniture for the home or office, the studies, that trip or adventure with which you have dreamed so much and much more, the only thing that you need to do is to enter the page and request the credit which is granted, in case of throwing a positive result, immediately since you will be able to charge it on the same day.

The mini-credit can be requested through the website, without having to visit the official offices. The whole process is simple and fast and extremely comfortable since there will be no need for you to leave your home. The analysis of the application and the result will take only a few minutes. So say goodbye to the days of waiting that a bank or traditional loan house offers you.

The credit can be returned using any bank that is within the national territory of Spain. Unexpected expenses can affect everyone’s economy, and that’s why cool credit offers you the easiest way to solve your monetary problems immediately and without the greatest effort.

What makes them different?

The point of difference of Gandalf , is that they can grant credits easily and without the need for an endorsement. The presence of personnel for attention will not be necessary, since you can request it in the most practical way possible by filling out a form, in a matter of minutes they will inform you if the loan was approved and in a matter of hours you will be enjoying the money in case the loan request is approved. The amount will be sent to the bank account that you have provided to the company.

Advantages to choose in Gandalf

Applying for a loan with Gandalf has several advantages that you can enjoy. This is thanks to the fact that this type of loans are made to be an experience for you, from being very easy to use, very fast, very comfortable and very safe, in addition to the Gandalf company trusts its customers and does not ask for requirements exorbitant or unnecessary questions to achieve grant them the amount they have requested. Know some of the best advantages of applying for a loan with the company Gandalf, among the best are the privacy because you do not have to explain what is the credit, you can apply for the loan, even if you are on the list of defaulters and you do not need to an endorsement to approve the credit.

The main features of Gandalf

  • It is not necessary that you specify or explain the purpose of your credit. You can use the money for any purpose you want. In this company they do not ask for unnecessary explanations about what you intend to do with your money once it has reached your bank account and you can dispose of it.
  • Even though you are on the list of delinquent clients, you can get the credit . At Gandalf you will not be denied service for that reason. This is because in this company they will give you an opportunity, because they know they can trust their clients and want to establish that link in which it is a safe environment for both parties both at the time of receiving the loan and at the time of that it has to be returned.
  • Forget about the queues, in fact, you will not even have to leave your house, because the money will go directly to your bank account without having to wait your turn. At Gandalf they focus on giving you a comfortable and satisfactory experience as well, since the loan can be requested and received in the most practical way possible and without having to make a greater effort.
  • In a traditional bank or home loan, the valuation process to determine if you are eligible for a credit or you are not, can take several days or even weeks, and you get the money another extra time. On the other hand, at Gandalf, the valuation process will depend on whether you wait only a few minutes and the collection of the cash in case the loan has been approved, you will have it in a matter of a few hours. In Gandalf they have a system of loans of the future.
  • No guarantee or guarantee is needed. In Gandalf they trust their clients and it is not necessary that they present a person who signs a guarantee to guarantee the payment, because as we mentioned in the previous points, the bond of trust between the company and the client is one of the most important priorities for the company Gandalf.

What requirements must I meet to request a loan?

Taking out a loan with Gandalf does not need big requirements, because as mentioned, the company does not ask for exorbitant requirements to be able to grant the amount. The requirements that must be fulfilled so that the loan can be carried out are those that we will name next:

  • You have to be of age.
  • You have to be a Spanish citizen.
  • You must fill in all the necessary information in the application.
  • You must have a bank account in the national territory of Spain (as an alternative, in case you do not have one you can also have legal access to the bank account of another person).
  • Return the credit in the time and manner stipulated in the beginning.

Gandalf’s interest rate

The amount of interest will depend on the amount of the loan and will also depend on the duration of this. The interest that is applied and its value will be detailed in the particular conditions of the contract that is delivered to the applicant that is granted prior to the realization of the loan application.

You can ask for a loan with credit check at Gandalf

YES, Gandalf, accepts any credit history

Types of loan   Gandalf

The loans granted by Gandalf are personal and immediate.

How to apply for credits at Gandalf

Apply for the loan in Gandalf, as we mentioned before, it is a very simple process. You only have to fill in the necessary information that the registration form asks for, select the amount you want for the credit, the period in which you will return it and, finally, accept the terms and conditions of the contract and the use of your personal information.

What happens after you have applied for the credit, is that the company will send you a message to your email. This message will indicate if the analysis to grant the loan has been accepted or rejected. You will know that your loan has been approved in a matter of a few minutes, because they will let you know by e-mail if the credit was approved or denied.

Another advantage that Gandalf offers and that should be noted, is that in this company does not consult the register of debtors when evaluating your loan application . You can get the credit, even if you are enrolled in a list or register of debtors or customers who have been delinquent. Having a negative credit history does not always mean that Gandalf is going to deny your support.

In Gandalf you will not have to give explanations about the purpose of your loan or what you will use it for. In this company they do not require you to specify what you will do with your money. Well, once the loan is obtained, the money will be at your total and complete disposition so that you can use it in the end that you think of or need.

A guarantor to obtain the loan is not necessary, as we said you do not need a guarantor or an endorsement so that the company has a guarantee of your payment.

If you wonder when the money will be sent to your account, the answer is that this would be sooner than you think. The payment will be made by means of a bank transfer, directly to your account that you provided when filling out the form. Everything depends on your bank and the hours they have to determine when you can have your money, but the transfer takes place in a matter of minutes or a few hours.

It may be the case that you meet the amount stipulated to pay before the agreed time, in some companies the advance payment is not allowed as it does not generate late interest. But in Gandalf, if you can return the loan at any time you want, as long as this time is before the expiration date as agreed at the beginning when making the request.

Unlike a traditional loan house or a bank, entities in which the request for a loan must be attached to the schedules and working days of each company. In Gandalf it will not be like that, because you can request the loan for the amount you require at any time of the day and any day of the week. In this company you can apply for your loan even on weekends and holidays. This is possible thanks to the fact that Gandalf has virtual customer service, which is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes, of course, weekends and holidays, that is, 365 days a year.

Extensions and postponements

The amount of interest for extension and deferment will depend on the amount of the loan and will also depend on the duration of this. The interest that is applied in such case, will be detailed in the particular conditions of the contract that is delivered to the applicant.

Opinions about Gandalf

Manuel Rodriguez- I applied for a loan in Gandalf for my car and it was granted in two days, I am very happy and satisfied with the management.

Adriana G.- I turned to Gandalf because they had talked to me about how easy it was to obtain it and I have verified for myself that it is true, I will keep it in mind when I need it again.

G. Monrroy- An excellent alternative to get you out of economic problems immediately, I definitely recommend it.


As you have noticed, Gandalf loans are faster and easier than it seems, because you can end your economic problems in just a few minutes or a few hours, since in that time you can be enjoying or making use of of the amount you need to pay off your debts or the situation where you need the money. No endorsements, no questions about what you will use, without queuing at the bank or wait for days to give you a resolution if the deposit has been approved or denied.

The loans of Gandalf are the loans of the future, because by just entering the web page and filling out a short form, you can request the money you need with interest that will not raise the account much and can help you cope with the situations of the day to day in which are presented urgently, the needs to cover economic amounts that you do not have on hand at that particular time or situation. If so, without a doubt Gandalf is for you.