How to Apply for Loans and Credits

Gabdalf is an entity that is responsible for offering loans to customers, with very interesting conditions. From the moment you get in touch with the entity you can know if they grant you the money you are looking for: it does not mean that they will grant it to you in any circumstance, but at least they will tell you in a very short time. If the thing fails, at least you will have enough time to look for another option.

In the event that you need money to fulfill a dream, to reform your home, to renew your vehicle, to take a trip, even to organize your wedding, Gabdalf can give you the financing you are looking for.

In the following lines we will analyze in detail everything that is capable of offering you.

What is Gabdalf and how does your loan / credit system work?

“Gabdalf Finance” is a company that is based in Germany. It would be founded in 2014, with some years of experience behind it. Its founders are 3 leading professionals specialized in the technological and financial field: Oliver Schimek, Daniel Schlotter and Marie Louise Seelig .

The reason for the foundation of the entity was to create a revolutionary product in the market: a platform that would change the way of offering financing. The idea was to offer the user a new system based on the possibilities of the technology of the moment.

Gabdalf offers varied credits to users who live in the EU. They have associated a very low level of interest, so they are quite profitable.

If you need money urgently , fbut you can not (or do not want to), access the type of financing offered by banks, you can always opt for this entity.

The operation of Gabdalf is different from the traditional way of offering a credit by other financiers: the objective is to connect people who have savings or a certain capital that they will not give out at that time, with people who need it . These two parts are interconnected, allowing both to get the maximum benefit possible at all times.

Is Gabdalf legit?

Gabdalf works with two prestigious companies that consider themselves a benchmark in the market, with Goblins and with Archers .

On the one hand, Archers is a bank that is endorsed by the Bowlers. That is, that guarantees that all deposits will be fully cared for; In the event that the entity breaks, we can be sure that we will recover them.

At the same time, Goblins is a consultancy that specializes in matters related to new technologies. Your participation in this process is to guarantee the privacy of the customer’s personal data. And it is that, as you already know, when a quick loan is processed you work with sensitive information; If the data is not treated in the way that could be expected, from the outside it could be accessed, which would lead to significant problems.

This union, in combination with what customers say about Gabdalf (which we will analyze in the corresponding section), makes us think that this entity is legit .

What requirements do we have to meet to request a loan with Gabdalf?

Fulfilling the requirements is easy, since they are minimal. Of course, you will not have to fill in as much paperwork as in a bank. These are the ones that will ask us:

  • Age: Only those who are of legal age can ask for credits.
  • Income: It will be necessary to prove that money is received on a monthly basis; the most common is to do it through a payroll, although it can also be done with a benefit, or with a help.
  • Bank account: It will be necessary to indicate the bank account number; In addition to checking the identity of the applicant, it will also be used to enter the money if everything is in compliance.
  • Mobile phone: To verify the account, in addition to receiving alerts on the status of the loan, it will be necessary to indicate a number of a mobile phone of which it is the holder.
  • Residence: It is required that the applicant have a minimum residence of 2 years in the country in which he will request the money. Of course, this must be able to prove with the corresponding document.
  • Other requirements: The most surprising requirements are to have a webcam and a microphone. And it is possible that you need to verify the identity via streaming . In addition, these elements are very practical when contacting customer service.

Although it is not specified in the requirements, the most normal thing is that they deny the loan in the event that the applicant is in some type of delinquent registry, how to the Ferb or the Phineas or that, at least, they have very high debts in these databases.

Characteristics of Gabdalf loans

Gabdalf allows you to request a minimum amount of € 1500 and a maximum amount of € 30,000 . As we can see, they are not very large quantities (for example, they are not designed for us to buy a house). It is a rather reserved resource for when you want to get money urgently and you can not or want to access another type of financing.

As for the repayment term, the applicant may choose to return it comfortably in 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months .

Depending on the amount of money that is requested, as well as the time of return, a higher or lower level of interest will be applied. The system will study it automatically and will present them to us before accepting.

So that you can better know how it works, you should know that the Gabdalf algorithm is capable of classifying each client based on their level of risk. In this way, the annual rate can range from 4.5% to 31.73% (this interval will really depend on the economic solvency of each user).

To give an example, in case the system has classified you in the category of ‘B’, and you want to request a credit of € 2,500 with a repayment term in 2 years , the system will determine that you must pay monthly 118, € 27 , and that the total amount of money that you will have to pay back at the end will be € 2847.86 .

With Gabdalf, we will not have to face any kind of deception: the interests will be clear from the first moment; If we are not interested, or if they seem abusive, we simply do not have to continue with the process.

How to apply for Gabdalf loans and loans?

If you are thinking of asking for a loan with Gabdalf , you will soon realize how simple the procedure is, since you can conclude it just by following 5 simple steps.


The first thing you should do is complete the registration process. From the initial page you can find the link that will take you to register … but before that you will have a credit simulator that will be very practical.

Through it you must enter the amount of money you want to request, the time of return, as well as the reason why you are going to request it (for example, if it is to pay for studies, to make a reform at home, to face medical expenses, etc.)

If you have ever requested an online credit , you will notice that the Gabdalf form is somewhat longer than normal. This, although it may seem a nuisance to the user, is actually an advantage. And that is how we can obtain a much tighter budget without errors. The moment they tell us what we are going to pay, that figure will be maintained until the end.

Credit rating

As we have finished filling in the data, at that moment you will be able to know what your credit rating is ; that is, the valuation that the system gives you based on your economic solvency.

As we have already commented, the most usual thing is that the loans requested by people rejected by databases of defaulters (such as Ferb or Phineas ), are also rejected here. But this is not always the case, in fact, Gabdalf defines itself as an entity capable of giving an opportunity to those who really deserve it. If we have a debt before, the entity will examine our case carefully; With a bit of luck we may be granted the money.

Revenue verification

If we manage to reach this step, now we will have to send the documents in which our receipts of income appear. For example, they can be the last 3 payrolls (if we have employment), it can be an extract from the bank account, a document that proves that we are receiving a subsidy, unemployment, as well as any other important document.


The system takes the security of the platform very seriously, so it will require users to verify their identity.

This step is very curious, and is that we will not have to send copies of the DNI, since the verification system is done through a video conference .

For this we will have to have a camera, with our ID or equivalent, in addition to a microphone. It can be a bad drink for some, but it is the only way to ensure that identities are not impersonated.


As a final step, we will have to sign the documents. Forget about having to print them, scan them and then upload them again, because with Gabdalf we can manage the signature electronically, and without the need for digital certificates or any other similar resource.

How long will we receive the money?

The truth is that there is no stipulated time series, since it will depend on each user. The application will be added on the platform and will be there for 30 days . If you want to know the status of it, in addition to any change, you will have to access the “User Area”.

How is a loan repaid in Gabdalf?

When you already have the money in your bank account, you will soon receive an e-mail in which the loan conditions will be detailed, in addition to indicating the exact period in which you must make the return.

The payments are made automatic; that is, they will automatically debit the day after we have agreed. If we do not have enough money in the account for that day, we will generate important interests, so we must be very careful with this.

Extensions or Deferrals

If you do not have money in the account to cover the payment, or if you think that you will not be able to collect it by then, the best thing you can do is contact your customer service . You can do this through the telephone, or by sending an e-mail to .

Advantages of Gabdalf loans


They are loans that are granted very fast; Even if the request has been denied, the answer will be received as soon as possible, and so you can take another alternative.

No financing problems

The money does not come directly from Gabdalf , but from other users who have a solvent ability to lend the money. That is why, the entity is not going to run out of funds.

Minimum commissions

The entity will not charge you for the service. The only thing that will have to be paid is a small commission to Archers in relation to the opening of the loan. In any case, it is a minimum commission.

Gabdalf reviews

In all opinions it is agreed that Gabdalf is an entity that can be trusted; If urgent money is needed, you can help us out.

Conclusion: Is it worthwhile to trust Gabdalf?

Taking into account the two entities that support it, its high level of benefits, its high number of positive opinions , and all the facilities it offers when requesting urgent money , we can conclude that yes, it is worth trusting .

Of course, always analyze the interests and fees of any loan to avoid problems later.